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    Eating Disorder Conference: Frequently Asked Questions

    Eating Disorders Conference Frequently Asked Questions | Long Island

    Q: Who should attend the conference?

    A: The conference is designed to appeal to patients, their families and loved ones, mental health students, psychotherapists, nutritionist, nurses, physicians and other clinicians as well as anyone in the media interested in building public awareness about eating disorders.


    Q: What types of eating disorders are discussed?

    A: The majority of the topics presented center on eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder as well as related issues such as body image perception and distortion, purging disorders, and exercise addictions. This conference is not an obesity-focused conference nor does it address dieting programs for obesity.


    Q: How much does the conference cost?

    A: There is no charge for this conference. The cost of the event is covered by the host and sponsors of the conference. The sponsors of this event support the notion that our Long Island community deserves a day of experts that can help build awareness and enhance education about eating disorders and treatment options.


    Q: Who is the event organizer and hosts?

    A: The conference is planned, organized and co-hosted by ED-180 Eating Disorder Treatment Programs in Garden City, N.Y. ED-180 is the largest private, medically supervised treatment provider in New York state that provides a full-range of treatment options with multi-disiplinary personnel including physicians, therapists, nutritionists and other clinicians who specialize in eating disorder treatment.


    Q: Is there an exhibitors’ area?

    A: Yes, and last years exhibitors’ area was a huge part of the success of the conference. The sponsors who were present were able to offer invaluable information to the hundreds of attendees. The exhibitors’ area is a great place to meet, mingle and find support. While the presentations in the theater requires registration, the exhibitors’ area will be open to all from 8:00am until 4pm.


    Q: Do I need to register?

    A: Yes. It is highly recommended that you register to reserve your seat. With early registration, your seat will be reserved for the first hour of the conference. After 10am there will be open registration for any available seating, however this cannot be guaranteed. If the theater is at capacity, no one additional may be admitted for the presentations, however, the exhibitors’ area will remain open throughout the day to everyone.


    Q: When should I arrive to the conference?

    It is best to arrive as early as possible when the conference begins at 9am when registration begins. Early arrival will also allow you better seat selection and an opportunity preview the exhibitors’ area. Pre-registering for the conference reserves you’re a seat guaranteed until 10am. Arriving after 10am may not ensure that your seat is guaranteed, however we will limit pre-registration to limit overcrowding.


    Q: Will I get a chance to ask questions?

    A: Yes. There will be a panel of experts at the end of the conference to take questions and offer advice and guidance. However, in the exhibitors’ area there will be ample opportunities to meet with professionals and the staff of many national treatment centers throughout the conference day. A tremendous wealth of information, materials and handouts will be available to all attendees.


    Q: How technical is this conference?

    A: The presenters are aware that the audience consists of individuals with varying degrees of eating disorder awareness, understanding and education. Most of the information provided is well understood by the general population as well as professional clinicians. Even issues of a technical nature are translated and demonstrated so that those without a clinical background can understand the basic concepts.


    Q: Can I speak with anyone who has been through eating disorder treatment?

    A: A major part of this conference includes the presentations and opportunities to hear about the stories of people who have fought their eating disorder and found recovery. Former patients and family members will be made available in the exhibitors’ area to discuss the recovery process.


    Q: Will beverages and lunch be served?

    A: Morning beverages will be available for those who arrive for morning registration. The conference area is located next to the main Student Center food court for lunch and meals at other times and they offer a wide variety of choices. Lunch sponsorship may be offered by a treatment center, however, as of this date. this is to be determined.