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    2017 Sponsors

    The 2016 sponsors who helped keep this conference free to all those who attend!


    logoED-180 was developed by Board Certified psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo and the NY Eating Disorder Medical Group and is the only private, physician-owned and supervised treatment program offering intensive, outpatient care for eating disorders in the Long Island and New York City area. An eating disorder is first and foremost a medical/psychiatric condition and any safe and serious treatment approach begins with medical supervision and the management of a coordinated team effort toward patient recovery. ED-180 programs are evidence-based and utilize cutting-edge technology, unique program designs and unsurpassed facilities. ED-180 offers medically-supervised programs and is staffed with experienced specialists who provided compassionate care. Whether a patient seeking initial treatment, adding an additional component to their treatment, or needs to step-up or step-down their level of care, the professionals who work with the program can help create a plan for recovery.

    ED-180, located in Garden City, New York, is comprised of a dedicated team of physicians, therapists, nutritionists and other clinicians who recognized that there was a “missing-link” in eating disorder treatment. ED-180 was created to help fill the void of a shortage of effective programs for patients that needed additional services with a higher level of care for outpatients who struggle with eating disorders and related self-esteem issues, mood disorders and related conditions. The ED-180 program philosophy is to offer programs that have the following attributes:

    1) An environment that promotes peace and tranquility with a feeling of safety and comfort.
    2) A facility that not only has warm therapy offices and dining facilities, but also has a medical suite for safe patient monitoring.
    3) A treatment approach that is comprehensive and evidence-based, using a combination of proven techniques and cutting-edge methods.
    4) A multi-disciplinary staff of physicians, therapists, nutritionist and support staff that can fully integrate the medical/biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of patient care.
    5) A treatment team that is caring and compassionate and dedicated to remaining up-to-date on research and all the latest treatment advances.
    6) Individual therapy, groups, programs, excursions and courses that make an impact, create change, and are innovative and non-traumatic and includes the family as a source for recovery.
    7) A group program that can also be custom tailored to the individual’s needs.
    8) A program that is outcome-driven towards specific goals, not time-frame driven.

    For intakes, assessments or to find an eating disorder specialist who can help with recovery, call the offices at (516) 280-3544.


    PREMIER SPONSOR – Avalon Hills Eating Disorders Program, Logan, UT

    Avalon Hills Eating Disorders Program is a residential treatment center specializing in the treatment of adolescent and adult women diagnosed with all types of eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Based on the philosophy that eating disorders are bio-psycho-social in nature, we recognize recovery begins with medical stabilization and nutritional rehabilitation. We also believe full recovery requires the development of new insights, new experiences, and an integration of new information. Avalon Hills assists females of all ages to manage the ineffective thoughts, emotions, behaviors, interactions, and cultural influences that have contributed to the development of disordered eating, co-morbid mental disorders and concomitant medical concerns.

    Our treatment approach is evidence-based and holistic in nature, with a foundation in Prochaska’s Stages of Change model. We utilize an integration of cognitive therapies such as and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), paired with behavior activation and skills-based training such as Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Each activity is therapeutically designed to help residents incorporate the principles they learn during treatment into the context of their everyday lives, so they can apply them to the pressures they will inevitably face upon return to their home environment. Avalon Hills remains committed to individualized, comprehensive programming for all clients we serve. We operate from a Treat to Outcome Philosophy, meaning, we are committed to treating clients until they can behaviorally demonstrate an ability to maintain therapeutic gains in a less structured setting, rather than treating to insurance company benefit. Ability to generalize new skills learned in treatment is tested through a series of individually tailored home visits with specific therapeutic targets. This allows clients to re-integrate gradually back into their home environments and uncover areas of additional work while remaining in the structure of residential treatment. Avalon Hills has a reputation for excellence and innovation in treatment, long-term patient outcomes, and patient and family education. Avalon Hills is located in Northern Utah, 90 minutes north of Salt Lake City in a breathtaking mountain atmosphere, providing ample opportunities for experiential activities in the outdoors in all four seasons.


    PREMIER SPONSOR – Clementine, FL, OR, NY

    A Letter to Parents from Dr. Lauren Ozbolt: I can recall first wanting to become a physician, when my mother would take me to the pediatrician’s office when I was feeling sick. Often times, my doctor would sit next to me and calmly explain what was going on and the available options for treatment. My mother would always reply in the same way. She would say, “If she were your daughter … what would you do?” He honestly replied and that was what we did. To this day, that is how I think about the adolescents we treat, and that is the approach that permeates the air at Clementine. With each adolescent, we think, “If this was my daughter, what would I do …”

    Here’s what we do.

    At Clementine, your daughter’s clinical team takes the time to get to know the girl underneath the eating disorder. We empower and equip her with the tools to help her overcome her eating disorder. We feel the best care is collaborative and we invest a great deal of time making parents “experts” on the most innovative treatments, neurobiological causes and latest research. In order to treat a disease, it is important for you and your daughter to fully understand the illness and our rationale for treatment. At the heart of the Clementine program is commitment to your daughter. While education about treatment of eating disorders is invaluable, it is only a part in what makes our treatment unique. We truly delight in knowing her and your family and take pride in aligning with you.

    Additionally, Clementine has brought together a group of committed parents to advise our clinical teams on treatment matters from a family perspective and to serve as a resource for families in the difficult throes of contemplating treatment options for their child. Meeting monthly, this group is an integral part of what brings Clementine’s programming “full circle”. Outside of the teen herself, the family is who we serve; the advisory board voices are our guides. This allows us to achieve our mission of helping each adolescent replace their eating disorder with healthy skills and an understanding of how to live a life that reflects their individuality. Clementine has recently opened the only residential eating disorder program for adolescent girls in Westchester County, NY, joining our other Clementine programs in South Miami, FL and Portland, OR; providing the highest level of care outside of a hospital, in the beauty of a home. I hope you have a chance to see Clementine Briarcliff Manor’s Clinical Director Dani Small speak on “What Parents Need to Know” and stop by our table to pick up a card on mindful eating practices. Dani will also talk with you about the experiences adolescents have with us.

    Most of all at Clementine, your daughter’s goals become our goals, and start a beautiful restorative process of getting her on track to become the amazing young woman she is destined to become.  – Lauren
    855.900.2221 | clementineadmissions@clementineprograms.com


    Carolina House BC - Shelly DowdyPREMIER SPONSOR – Carolina House, Raleigh – Durham, NC

    Carolina House provides a multi-faceted treatment approach for one’s eating disorder recovery.
    Located in the heart of North Carolina, we offer three comprehensive levels of care: residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient, to meet the treatment needs of every individual aged 17 and older. Our treatment approach is designed to encourage self-exploration toward transformation to self-nurturing expressions of living.  Our experienced treatment team endorses self-responsibility by encouraging each patient to take an active role in recovery through honest assessment of current functioning and full program participation. Standard therapeutic interventions, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are utilized by our highly trained and supportive staff to offer individualized, top quality evidence-based treatment.

    Along with the above modalities, Carolina House also is the pioneer of hands-on culinary interventions in eating disorder treatment. Our unique Culinary Therapy integrates food experiential and exposure opportunities in the kitchen. This approach fosters collaboration between patient, dietitian, chef and therapist to reframe food as a tool to optimal physical and mental health.  Because of our Culinary Therapy program, patients report improved comfort with food and better integration of critical food-related skills for ongoing recovery from an eating disorder.   Such activities include: individual sessions with our registered dietitians, menu planning, restaurant outings, mindfulness snacks, nutrition education groups, meal preparation groups, and educational food shopping experiences. Culinary Groups are led by experienced chefs that also have counseling and mental health backgrounds. Carolina House continues to be cutting edge in the treatment of eating disorders through integrating somatic therapies in all levels of eating disorder treatment. Groups such as Embodying Recovery help individuals learn to understand emotions and how they relate to how the feel in their bodies, and develop the skills to rebuild a balanced and integrated connection between mind and body.

    Situated on peaceful, wooded acreage in Durham, North Carolina, Carolina House’s residential eating disorders treatment programs offer intimate, home-like environments that provide 24/7 care for those 17 and older.  Our comprehensive treatment approach includes individual and family therapy, art therapy, yoga and mindfulness experiences, culinary, nutrition and body movement therapies.  Also vital to our treatment approach are groups centered on interpersonal process, effective communication, and patients’ experiences of spirituality and wholeness. Patients leave Carolina House several times a week for supervised group outings, including opportunities for a variety of experiences with food, creativity groups, and group-building activities. Carolina House – Raleigh offers partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for all individuals ages 17 and older seven days a week.  Flexible day, evening and weekend hours are designed to be convenient for students, working professionals and parents, and can be personalized to meet one’s therapeutic needs. Most groups are also offered on an “a la carte” basis as well.

    Admission begins with a confidential and complimentary pre-admission assessment that is completed over the phone.  We work with all major commercial insurances.  Our admissions team can help answer your questions at (919) 594-6690.


    PREMIER SPONSOR – Cambridge Eating Disorder Center, Cambridge, MA & Concord, NH

    Founded in 2000, the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center is among the oldest eating disorder centers in the country with locations in Cambridge, MA and Concord, NH. CEDC provides individuals suffering with eating disorders a comprehensive continuum of support services focused on their recovery. Serving male and female adolescents to adults, CEDC offers Residential, Partial Hospital (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient programs as well as Transitional Living. Located in historic and vibrant Harvard Square, CEDC’s setting offers a non-institutional, nurturing environment. The recently opened CEDC of New Hampshire provides full and partial day PHP programs, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs. Nestled in the state’s historic capitol of Concord, CEDC of NH is easily accessible from throughout Northern New England.

    With a focus on fostering recovery in a comfortable, nurturing environment, CEDC programs aim to reduce eating disorder symptoms while understanding their development and function. The goal is to promote the development of a healthy self that encompasses both emotional and physical well being. CEDC continues to be led by founder and director, Dr. Seda Ebrahimi, a well-known specialist in the field of eating disorders. She is the former director of the eating disorders treatment program at McLean Hospital and a current faculty member at Harvard University’s Department of Psychiatry. With decades of eating disorders and mental health experience, CEDC’s highly-trained multidisciplinary staff provides goal-oriented and nurturing treatment. Patients are assessed and treated by a specialized team that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, social workers, registered dietitians and mental health counselors.

    CEDC is accredited by the Joint Commission with a gold seal of approval, a nationally-recognized symbol of quality that indicates an organization has met rigorous performance standards. CEDC is a provider for many insurance companies and can provide patients and their families with assistance on understanding insurance plan benefits.

    To make a referral, set up an appointment, schedule a tour or receive an initial consultation, please call 888-900-CEDC (2332) or email info@cedcmail.com. For additional information, please visit http://www.eatingdisordercenter.org.


    PREMIERE SPONSOR – Center for Discovery New England and East Quogue

    Center for Discovery has been successfully helping clients go on to long term recovery from eating disorders for 20 years. At Center for Discovery, we believe our clients need and deserve intensive, personalized treatment. Throughout that time, we have earned a legacy of success and developed a proprietary treatment model with proven results. At Center for Discovery, we remain dedicated to helping our clients achieve long-term recovery. Our proprietary eating disorder treatment program provides an individual treatment plan for each client to address their specific needs and situation to affect the emotional, behavioral and social growth that families need for lasting recovery. Our treatment programs include family in the treatment process, allowing clients to achieve the best results and return home as quickly as possible. Center for Discovery New England and East Quogue is a collection of eating disorder treatment centers providing residential treatment for adult women and adolescents, both female and male, with eating disorders. Adolescents and adult women are treated in separate locations. Our residential treatment programs are both intensive and personalized for each of our clients.

    Center for Discovery New England facilities are under twenty-four hour supervision and our staff are exceptionally effective at understanding both the destructive eating disorder behaviors and the emotional issues that underly and contribute to the eating disorder. Every member of the Center for Discovery team is deeply committed to the well-being and healing of our clients and their families.Residential treatment at Center for Discovery New England and East Quogue takes place in closely supervised, nurturing and structured environments. Each of our locations is a home-like setting within a residential neighborhood dedicated solely to the treatment of eating disorders. Treatment is provided by our highly specialized, licensed multi-disciplinary team including psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, dietitians, and counselors. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your loved one through a combination of hands-on training with food preparation, nutritional information, individual therapy, group therapy sessions and family therapy sessions.

    Center for Discovery New England and East Quogue locations are accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the state. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is a nationally recognized symbol of quality and reflects our commitment to the highest performance and treatment standards. Center for Discovery receives many referrals from health professionals such as psychiatrists and therapists who believe that a more focused and intensive treatment may be beneficial. For more information about our eating disorder treatment programs, or if your family is in crisis, please call us today at 866-482-3876, we can help.


    MBHA_Logo_1PREMIER SPONSOR – Metro Behavioral Health Associates, NYC & Scarsdale, NY

    Located in NYC & in Scarsdale, NY, at MBHA, it is our privilege to treat, educate and offer support every step of the way on one’s courageous treatment journey.

    • We treat Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and related emotional eating/compulsive overeating, body dissatisfaction and offer preventive care for those who may be vulnerable to disordered eating or other addictions.
    • We treat males, females, athletes and all ages from 12 on up through older adulthood.

    In addition to our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP and our Adolescent IOP, we offer a host of other services for one-stop shopping. We are also quite eager to collaborate with any existing parts of a treatment team one may have in place.

    • Individual and Family Therapy (CBT, DBT, and a wide variety of individualized approaches)
    • Nutritional Counseling (including supported meals)
    • Art and Music Therapy
    • The Maudsley Approach – family based meal training for younger Anorexics
    • EMDR for trauma
    • Medication Management with an eye on the unique needs of those who have eating disorders
    • Multiple ongoing targeted weekly outpatient groups- for coping skills and peer support.
    • GBH or Gastric Band Hypnosis: hypnotic techniques to suggest to the subconscious mind that weight loss surgery has occurred. In this way, it’s possible to reap the rewards of weight loss surgery without suffering the risks, side effects and astronomical costs.

    Our Founder and Executive Director, Jennie J, Kramer, LCSW and Nutrition Director Marjorie Nolan Cohn, RD are co-authors of “Overcoming Binge Eating for DUMMIES”. Please visit our website www.mbhany.com for more resources, our blog, articles, interviews and more in-depth descriptions of all of our services. Twitter: @MBHACTR


    PREMIER SPONSOR – Timberline Knolls, Lemont, IL

    Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center is located on 43 beautiful acres just outside Chicago, offering a nurturing environment of recovery for women and girls ages 12 and older struggling to overcome eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders, trauma and co-occurring disorders. Our multi-disciplinary integrated program provides individualized, intensive treatment utilizing clinical approaches that include the 12-step Recovery Principles, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), expressive therapies, spirituality and family systems. We also have an award-winning on-campus school, TK Academy, for adolescent residents to attend classes with a curriculum consistent with that of their home school. TK Academy operates uniquely as a traditional educational center, rather than a tutor-based program. Women and girls seeking Christian treatment can opt for our specialized Christian-based programming. Services include a spiritual assessment at admission, and primary and family therapy from a licensed Christian therapist. Our Christian residents also attend powerful groups, receive private pastoral counseling, and attend weekly church services and Celebrate Recovery 12-step meetings. By serving with uncompromising care, relentless compassion and an unconditional joyful spirit, we help our residents help themselves in their recovery. For more information, visit www.timberlineknolls.com or call 877.257.9611.


    rogers logoPREMIER SPONSOR – Rogers Memorial Hospital
    Offering nationally recognized, comprehensive behavioral healthcare for more than a century, Rogers Behavioral Health provides evidence-based eating disorder treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults in multiple Wisconsin locations; as well as Tampa, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Skokie, Illinois. We offer a continuum of care allowing our patients, female and male, to receive consistent messaging and therapeutic approach as they transition from intensive care to lower levels of treatment.

    Our specialized services in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, include dedicated eating disorders inpatient treatment, helping individuals reach nutritional stabilization so they can safely continue less intensive care and begin the recovery process. At our residential Eating Disorder Center, teens and adults receive long-term treatment while they live on campus in a comfortable, home-like environment. By providing care for an extended amount of time, our experienced team of professionals can address each patient’s individual concerns related to eating, exercise, body image, or co-existing conditions before he or she returns home or begin day treatment. Our multidisciplinary team includes board-certified psychiatrists, a primary care provider, a clinical psychologist, social workers and counselors, behavioral specialists, registered nurses, registered dietitians and experiential therapists. The Eating Disorder Center alumni group is actively involved in promoting recovery among those currently enrolled in treatment and offers continued support for those who have graduated from the program. Our Child Center offers residential treatment to children with disordered eating and co-occurring conditions. Both residential centers are set in Wisconsin’s pristine wooded lake country, offering a serene setting to focus on goals.

    Through our partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs in locations across the country, children, teens and adults come to our outpatient centers to receive treatment, and then return to work, school or home for the remainder of the day. Rogers’ experienced professionals create individually designed care plans to treat anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorders and other eating disorders, as well as co-occurring conditions. Our eating disorder team uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), emphasizing exposure and response prevention (ERP), to help patients reduce symptoms, make gradual changes and promote lasting recovery and resilience. Our staff members work with each patient to develop a hierarchy of feared foods and gradually introduce these foods into the patient’s meal plan, helping to reduce anxiety over time and build understanding that feared foods do not lead to extreme weight gain.

    Experiential therapy—including horticultural, recreational and art therapy activities—supervised outings, individual and group therapy, nutritional and family education are all key components of care. If needed, spiritual care and substance abuse counseling are also available by location. Under the guidance of Brad E.R. Smith, MD, medical director of eating disorder services, Rogers staff members help individuals with eating disorders reach nutritional stability, correct errors in thinking and address emotional issues surrounding the disorder. Outcome studies regularly demonstrate the effectiveness of Rogers’ approach to residential care.

    To learn more about our eating disorder services or to request a free screening, visit rogersbh.org or call 800-767-4411.


    SUPPORTING SPONSOR – The Center for Eating Disorders Care at University Medical Center of Princeton, NJ

    The Center for Eating Disorders Care at University Medical Center of Princeton offers both inpatient and partial hospitalization programs, combining a psychosocial approach with advances in nutritional and medical care. The Center provides treatment for male and female children (beginning at age 8), adolescents, and adults in a full-service, acute-care medical center, allowing for thorough treatment of medical complications while simultaneously addressing psychological, social, and nutritional issues.

    As eating disorders are illnesses that affect the individual physically, emotionally and socially, each patient’s needs are individually evaluated to develop a complete treatment plan.  A multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive services, including monitored meals, intensive individual, group, and family therapy, medical management, psychotherapy and psychoeducation, nutritional therapy, relaxation training, yoga, and a multi-family program. In addition, The Center for Eating Disorders Care works closely with specialists in gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, and other departments when necessary to address some of the most complex medical issues associated with eating disorders. Individual tutoring is also provided for elementary and high school students.

    There are many reasons why people travel from all over the country for treatment at the Center for Eating Disorders Care at University Medical Center of Princeton. Some are attracted by our national reputation and by the fact that other treatment centers send their patients to us. Others require the level of care and expertise that only a hospital-based facility can provide. And some choose us because they want a treatment plan based on their unique needs that gives them the tools to maintain their recovery when they return home.

    The goal of the Center for Eating Disorders Care is help each patient step back into life, promoting physical and emotional recovery in an atmosphere of acceptance and support. To inquire about our program, or to make a referral, please call our Admissions department, at 877.932.8935, or visit us online and take a virtual tour of our unit at www.princetonhcs.org/eatingdisorders.

    SUPPORTING SPONSOR – BALANCE Eating Disorder Treatment Center, New York, NY

    Balance LOGOBALANCE eating disorder treatment centerTM is a premiere outpatient treatment center located in the heart of New York City. BALANCE was founded by Melainie Rogers MS, RD who serves as Executive Director. We specialize in the treatment of a wide spectrum of issues related to eating & body image including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. BALANCE serves adolescent and adult men and women. We offer highly customized individual treatment in an intimate small group setting of up to only 8 clients. Our treatment services include a day program, an adolescent program, an evening program, Saturday program, a weekly men’s group, a meal support program and individual nutritional counseling. In all of our programs we integrate group work and experiential therapies with a cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic foundation. Our mission is to help clients find balance and fulfillment in their lives through recovery. www.mrogersnutrition.com : 212-645-6903


    SUPPORTING SPONSOR – The Emily Program, MN, OH, PA, WA

    The Emily Program is nationally recognized for its compassionate, personalized approach to eating disorder awareness, treatment and lifetime recovery. We understand the tangled complexities of eating disorders, often from personal experience. Our multidisciplinary approach and innovative, evidence-based methods provide clients healing for the whole person—mentally, physically, and spiritually. We provide all levels of care, from 24/7 residential to one-on-one individual outpatient services. Our programs are designed to promote recovery from day one. Using interventions based on cognitive behavior therapy, family-based therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and supportive psychotherapy, we offer psychological, nutritional, medical and psychiatric eating disorder interventions best suited to the individual. Additionally, we believe families and support people are an essential part of the process. We intentionally include loved ones and community support throughout the recovery process. We serve clients nationwide, with locations in Minnesota, Washington, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. To learn more, call 1-888-EMILY-77 or visit emilyprogram.com.


    SUPPORTING SPONSOR – Structure House, NC

    Structure House is a residential weight management program based in Durham, NC that uses behavioral therapy, skills training, nutrition, and fitness to create long-term sustainable change. Structure House is effective because our program is 40 years in the making and rooted in evidence-based principles, time-tested techniques and comprehensive support in the area of health psychology. 98% of our patients had reduction in levels of depression and mood disturbance, 92% lowered their cholesterol to be within normal ranges, 74% reported increased self-esteem, and significant reductions in medication for high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes and pain. Structure House is sustainable because our holistic program integrates behavioral skills training, nutritional expertise, and fitness so upon departure participants feel transformed in both mind and body. We offer participants customized treatment plans that can last one week to several months along with specialized tracks such as Binge Eating, Emotional Overeating, Diabetes and Behavioral Bariatric. Participants develop the behaviors, attitudes, and lifestyle that will instill a lifelong approach to healthy habits.


    DONATED SPONSOR – National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA)

    NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care. NEDA’s Feeding Hope Fund for Clinical Research and Training raises money to advance the field of eating disorders and has recently awarded two grants to fund research in training and treatment options. Our programs such as the Helpline, Click-to-Chat feature, NEDAwareness Week to name a few, focus on education and outreach to get the critical information into the hands of those who need it. The NEDA Annual Conference, serves as another avenue for education, awareness and outreach and is a place for professionals and individuals to come together to learn about eating disorders and share their experiences.  NEDA also has over 60 walks nationwide, that raise awareness by creating community involvement in a relaxed and inviting environment. For more information on the conference, walks and other NEDA programs please visit www.nationaleatingdisorders.org. National Eating Disorders Association, 165 W. 46th Street, Suite 402, New York, NY 10036, Office: 212.575.6200, Helpline: 800.931.2237


    DONATED SPONSOR – International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals Foundation – iaedp NY

    iaedp NY was established in 2011. Since that time, iaedp NY’s presence in New York has grown tremendously. We are excited and pleased to be part of the 2014 Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders.

    The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation (iaedp) is well-recognized today for its excellence in providing the highest standards of education, training, and certification to a multidisciplinary group of professionals who treat the full spectrum of eating disorders. The mission of the New York Chapter of iaedp is consistent with iaedp national. iaedp NY is focused on providing education and raising awareness, as well as the prevention and treatment of eating disorders through the establishment of the iaedp NY chapter website, E-newsletters, and social media, as well as offering educational presentations.

    Iaedp NY provides a place for professionals in the field of eating disorders to network, exchange ideas and be educated on all things related to eating disorders. While iaedp national offers a highly respected certification to receive specialized credentials known as Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, iaedp NY encourages members and qualified professionals to complete the certification process. iaedp NY helps to promote standards of care and is dedicated to helping professionals navigate the process towards becoming a certified eating disorder specialist. Please visit our website at www.iaedpny.com for further details.