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    Who Sponsors This Conference

    Posted on March 21, 2015 by

    This year will be the third consecutive year that the Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders will be brought to the public at no charge for attendees. This makes our conference the only one of its kind: a full-day, complimentary, high-caliber event that brings in eating disorder experts from throughout the country to offer lectures and information to patients, families, loved ones, local area eating disorder specialists, therapists, nutritionists, physicians, and other medical professionals and clinicians.

    In order to make all this happen, the conference production is funded by the extremely gracious support of the conference hosts, and the sponsors who are listed on this website, in the conference program and who you can meet and speak with in the exhibitors area at the conference on May 2nd. As of today, this lists includes:

    – ED-180 Eating Disorder Treatment Center (Garden City, NY) – Co-Host, Premier Sponsor
    – LIU, CW Post, Department of Counseling and Development (Brookville, NY) – Co-Host
    – Oliver-Pyatt Centers (Miami, FL) – Premier Sponsor
    – Avalon Hills (Logan, UT) – Premier Sponsor
    – Cambridge Eating Disorder Center (Cambridge, MA) – Premier Sponsor
    – Timberline Knolls (Lemont, IL) – Premier Sponsor
    – Remuda Ranch (Wickenberg, AZ) – Premier Sponsor
    – Eating Recovery Center (Denver, CO) – Premier Sponsor
    – Rogers Memorial Hospital (Oconomowoc, WI) – Premier Sponsor
    – Silver Hill Hospital (New Canaan, CT) – Supporting Sponsor
    – Carolina House (Durham, NC) – Supporting Sponsor
    – Monte Nido (CA, MA, OR, NY) – Supporting Sponsor
    – Center for Discovery (CA, CT) – Supporting Sponsor
    – UMC Princeton (Plainsboro, NJ) – Supporting Sponsor
    – Balance Eating Disorder Treatment Center (NYC, NY) – Supporting Sponsor
    – Metro Behavioral Health Associates (Scarsdale, NYC) – Supporting Sponsor
    – and others.